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Anónimo asked: You're name is Huda? Are you Muslim? Where do u live? Isn't being gay sinful and wrong in you're religion? How are you shipping ziam then?


Yes my name is Huda,it’s an arabic name which means the right way.

Yes,I’m a muslim and I AM PROUD OF BEING A MUSLIM.

I live in Morocco,it’s a muslim country.

Being gay in my religion is a hard subject to explain,every muslim who read the Quran,knows Surat Lut which speaks about being gay.I have watched a video that talks about being a gay muslim,the Shaikh said that GOD DOES NOT HATE GAY PEOPLE,and that GAY PEOPLE CAN DO NOTHING TO CHANGE THE FACT THAT THEY’RE GAY,and that GOD WILL NOT TORTURE GAY PEOPLE AND THAT THEY SHOULD NOT BE KILLED BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN.

BUT,the only case where god will punish a gay person,is when this one ACTS on his sexuality,like : Having sex.

I believe Ziam are together,I am a muslim,my religion is the ONLY THING I’M SURE ABOUT.I respect gay people,I respect everyone ! My religion didn’t order me to HATE or KILL,my religion is the religion of peace and LOVE.God will not punish me because I respect and love gay people like every other human being,in fact,god will punish me if I KILL or make other people hate themselves just because they’re different.

I hope I made everything clear,’cause I will never respond to a question like this again. 

tieduplikeziam asked: 12 please!! zayn and liam always going to the same music store and they often meet in the r&b section because zayn sings or hums the songs he likes on the albums and liam loves his voice (and maybe a lot later they become a r&b duo bc we all want that tbh) thank youuu :)


Thank you! :) Hope this’s good enough:

When Liam finally musters up the courage to talk to Zayn for the first time after hearing him humming ‘All Back’ by Chris Brown…

Background (‘cause I’m lazy as f…)x


If you’re a Ziam blog yet you ship Sophiam please tell me now so I can unfollow you. So tired of following Ziam blogs expecting Ziam on my dash but get Sophiam instead.